Matte Eyeshadow Palette warm

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Long-lasting matte eyeshadow

This new technology formula allows to create amazing effects. The silky texture of the eyeshadow is as easy to apply as a powder and creates a smooth, matte finish.
Pigments rich in color. Its natural shades in warm and colorful tones are perfect for creating a matte and natural look. Matte eyeshadows sublimate your eyes and harmonize the look. Duo or palette, MisaParis offers you these matte Eyeshadows to sublimate your eyes.

[1] You have the possibility to compose your palette.

Ingredients :
[Mica Talc] [Zinc Stearate Cyclomethicone] [Polymethyl Methacrylate]
[Dimethicone] [Paraffinum Liquidum] [Hydrogenated] [Polyisobutene] [Arachidonic Acid] [Linoleic
Linolenic Acid + /. : [CI 77499] [CI 77491] [CI 77492]
Ingredients: 2
[Mica Talc] [Zinc Stearate Cyclomethicone] [Polymethyl Methacrylate]

Use :

1) Apply darker shades in the crease of the eye, with the lighter shades along the brow bone and in the inner corner of the eye.
2) Using a fine brush, create shades by applying chosen colors to your eyelids or along the lower lashes.
3) Apply the shades to the center of your eyelids for a natural finish,
4) The eyeshadows are applied in a circular fashion to the lids, for a sophisticated and natural final effect.



[Dimethicone] [Paraffinum Liquidum] [Hydrogenated] [Polyisobutene] [Arachidonic Acid] [Linoleic]

[Linolenic Acid + /. : CI 42090]

Ingredients: 3

[Mica]{Talc ] [ Zinc] [Stearate] [Cyclomethicone] [Polymethyl Methacrylate]

 [Dimethicone] [Paraffinum Liquidum] [Kaolin]  [Hydrogenated] [Polyisobutene] [Arachidonic Acid]  [Linoleic] Linolenic Acid +/.: [ CI 77007] [CI 77499]

Ingredients : 4

[Mica] [Talc ] [Zinc Stearate] [Cyclomethicone] [Polymethyl Methacrylate]

[ Dimethicone] [Paraffinum Liquidum]  [Hydrogenated Polyisobutene]  [Arachidonic Acid] [ Linoleic ]

[Linolenic Acid +/. : [CI 77891] [CI 77499]

Ingredients : 5

[Mica][Talc] [Zinc] [Stearate Cyclomethicone ] [Polymethyl Methacrylate]

[ Dimethicone] [Paraffinum Liquidum] [Hydrogenated Polyisobutene] [ Arachidonic Acid][ Linoleic

Linolenic Acid]  [Silica] Kaolin+/. :[CI  77891] [CI 77491] [CI 77492] [CI 15985] [CI 77499][CI 77007]

Ingrédients : 6

[Mica] [Talc] [Zinc] [Stearate Polymethyl] [Methacrylate] [Cyclomethicone] [Dimethicone] [Paraffinum Liquidum][Hydrogenated ][Polyisobutene] [Arachidonic Acid] [Linoleic Acid][ Linoleic Acid +/.[ CI  15985] [CI 77891] [CI 15850]

Ingrédients : 7

[Mica] [Talc] [Zinc] [Stearate Polymethyl] [Methacrylate] [Cyclomethicone] [Dimethicone] [Paraffinum Liquidum]

[Hydrogenated] [Polyisobutene] [Arachidonic Acid] [Linoleic Acid] [Linoleic Acid] [Kaolin+/.:

[ CI 77891] [CI 77499] [CI 77007]

Ingredients : 8

[Mica][Talc][ Zinc] [Stearate] [Cyclomethicone] [Polymethyl Methacrylate]

[Dimethicone] [Paraffinum Liquidum] [Hydrogenated] [Polyisobutene] [Arachidonic Acid] [LinoleicAcid]

[Linolenic Acid +/. [CI 77007] [CI 77491] [CI 77499] CI 15850]

Ingrédients : 9

[Mica]T[alc] [Zinc] [Stearate] [Aluminum] [Hydroxide] [Cyclomethicone] [Polymethyl [ Methacrylate] [Dimethicone] [Paraffinum Liquidum] [Hydrogenated] [Polyisobutene] [Arachidonic Acid] Linoleic Acid] [Linolenic Acid +/.: [CI 75470] [CI 17200] [CI 15850]

Ingrédients : 10

[Mica][Talc] [Zinc] [Stearate] [Cyclomethicone ] [Polymethyl Methacrylate]

[ Dimethicone] [Paraffinum Liquidum] [Hydrogenated] [Polyisobutene] [Aluminum] [Hydroxide]  [Arachidonic Acid] [ Linoleic Acid]

[Linolenic Acid +/. : [ CI 77499] [CI 77491] [CI 77492] [CI 15850] [CI 77007]

Ingrédients : 11

[Talc] [Isocetyl] [Stearoyl] [Stearate] [Zinc] [Stearate]

 [Triethoxycaprylylsilane] +/.: [ CI 77499 ]

Color: # b87f78

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