Whichconcealer and whatcolors for what uses?

Corrections anti-dark circles, anti-dark spots and contouring: an essential makeup!

The Concealer, Contouring and Corrector Trio are a formidable weapon for camouflaging dark circles and highlighting the face.

They should really follow you everywhere in your make-up bag: they are multi-functional and apply to all areas of the face.

How to choose your concealer?
Let's start with the texture: MisaParis has chosen covering and flexible textures for all skin types. Whether you are looking for an eye concealer, a concealer or a dark spot concealer, these trios are compact but rich in vegetable oils.Formulated with natural carnauba wax, to prevent skin dehydration, they nourish and protect the skin without freezing features.
How to choose your colors?
1 Beige concealer for fair skin,orange to lighten earthy areas of the face. The dark color is used to build the shadows of the face (contouring).
2 Warm beige concealer for medium-light to dark skin, ideal for camouflaging dark areas. The dark color is used to build the shadows of the face (contouring).
3 Ocher concealers for f skinthick, black coppery and ebony. The earth color helps lighten dark areas and reduce stains. The dark color is used to build the shadows of the face (contouring),
How to apply them?

Avoid application to parts of the face that are already clear, to maintain the natural effect.
Avoid applying a cream that is too rich. Do not put too much, if necessary, remove the excess. Better to gradually add material, which allows you to work it well.
Use the other products to hide spots and blemishes, and the dark color to outline the face.
When it is applied well and the shade is perfectly suited, the makeup is really amazing.It is therefore recommended to choose your shade really well, because a color that is too light or too dark can produce the opposite effect to that desired..