The secret of a luminous complexion

Tint illuminator

The strobe base will dazzle your friends with little mica-based pearls that will reflect the light and illuminate the complexion. These pearls, specially selected for their hydrophobic properties, go perfectly with the HD long-lasting foundation. Each skin tone will find its shade. The strobe bases create golden, gold, orange, blue and pink highlights, which will correct skin defects.
Be radiant at all times .
An unexpected evening, no time to put on makeup? We use the strobe base to redraw the contours of the face and for instantly luminous skin.

Apply a few drops to the cheekbones at the level of the eyebrows and in the middle of the face, then spread delicately.

Give back some 'pep' to your makeup.
The highlighter can be used to change the color of your eyeshadow or blush products, and even to lighten a foundation that is too dark.