Black, dark, or mixed skin tends to be oily.
Combination or oily skin will prefer a matte finish, to cut the shine due to excess sebum.
For dry or mature skin, we prefer the luminous finish. The latter also has the advantage of reducing the appearance of imperfections, unless the product is pearly.
The compact powder promotes natural luminosity, resembling healthy skin.


The compact powder, which is pressed but highly pigmented, allows less product to be deposited on the skin for a more natural and sheer look. It is also suitable for those who use a liquid foundation and want to set it without adding layers.
It can also be applied alone, to even out the complexion and mattify it, with or without coverage.
The compact powder has another advantage: it prevents sebum from tarnishing makeup. It's ideal for touching up during the day, for quick makeup, or just when you're outside. It carries well in the bag.

Use: Brush, sponge or powder puff?

You can also vary the coverage of the HD fixing compact powder.

If you want more coverage and opacity, apply the powder with a sponge or powder puff. By pressing it well against the skin and by tapping, one obtains a high coverage and a tanned complexion and perfect.

For a translucent, natural finish, apply the powder with a brush, sweep or pat. If you pat it on, the coverage will be medium, while if you sweep it will be very light.
The choice of brush allows you to vary the coverage: the larger and more flexible the brush, the more translucent the finish will be.
Whichever method you choose, be sure to remove excess powder before application, by blowing on a brush or puff, or with a sponge.
If you have mature skin and a few wrinkles, I recommend the brush, which allows for a light scanning.